An introduction.

I imagine the regular though would be "another blog? Screw that.". No one's to blame. Such is the state of the world. I won't discuss that, i hope you'll already have dealt with and resolved any implications such a problem presented you.

Rather, I'll introduce myself. Excuse my addiction with privacy, but I'll make sure to restrict it to traceable information.

I have no superior education. I did gain access to university. If not for issues that I'll explain next, I'd now be studying Philosophy. Yep. That brought a lot of problems that i refused to acknowledge until the last moment. First, university required such a financial and, while of less importance, psychological and physical stress that i would be unable to sustain at that time.

Second, i had come to realize that university meant a lot more than what i expected it to. Mainly to others. Unlike myself, university would be a symbol, an achievement, the first step in the road of success. This came as a surprise for me, someone to whom university was nothing more than a new learning platform. I had no intention of professional success. It did not matter to me if i didn't get a job in my area of choice. Those newly found expectations were alien to me. And if i were to be sustained by them, i had to minimally expect to achieve their objectives. I did not.

So i refrained myself from it. If the opportunity arrives again, it'll be one that allows me to sustain myself, one that allows me to learn not for success's gain, for for my gain. You'll come to understand, i hope, that what i understand of success is not what most do.

First part is over. Next. Video games.

I have been playing since i can remember. And if my family is telling me the truth, even before that. Apparently, i began duck hunting in the NES. Although the first console i remember playing was the Game Boy. That huge piece of awesome. Next, and i hold this one the biggest consideration, the Saturn. Thank you Sega. Still remember the countless afternoons after school, having lunch in my room, glued to the TV.

Stretching my monies as well as i could, i continued playing. Always. Learning, studying, talking about them, and more recently, seriously considering monetizing my interest. Fortunately, i  has already the pleasures of the Open Source, and had already been made an anti capitalism kind of person.

My life may certainly have had more interesting turns, but none i value. This is all that is needed to define me.

However, never did i have an outlet for the kinds of things I'll make this blog about. It's hard to find anyone as interested in our newest medium as me. Maybe I'm just not looking, but that is beside the point.

This blog is my outlet. One day, I'll refer to this blog. One day, this blog will help define me. And over are the days of leaving the Link text box clean.

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